Complete Your Real Estate Transactions with Confidence

Completing complex real estate transactions on your own can lead to agreeing to terms that may not be in your best interest. Trust that Brian D. Kinnear Law Office will provide you with legal advice and services to aid your residential or commercial investment.

Residential Real Estate

When buying, selling, renting property or mortgaging your home, you will have to sign a listing agreement, agreement of purchase and sale, mortgage commitment or lease. These documents are often filled with heavy hard to read jargon. Get to know what you’re signing and let a trusted lawyer interpret the fine print for you. At Brian D. Kinnear Law Office, Brian works to ensure you understand the terms and conditions for one of the most important transactions for your life. As a full-service real estate lawyer, Brian provides assistance for the following transactions:

  • Purchase of new condominium/housing
  • Purchase of resale condominium/housing
  • Title searches
  • Mortgages
  • Private mortgages
  • Re-financing
  • Title insurance claims

From a Muskoka cottage to a Simcoe County home in the suburbs, Brian can assist you with every stage of your property transaction.

Commercial Real Estate 

With the rise of larger and more expensive buildings, and more complex vendors and lenders, the typical real estate transaction may be standard, but not simple. Trust Brian to advise and assist your private or public company with the purchasing, selling or financing of commercial properties. These properties include development lands, office buildings, apartment buildings and hotels. Call Brian D. Kinnear Law Office to learn about his base fees discuss your real estate transaction.

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